Intelligent INFORM-Software automates Yard Management at Coca-Cola HBC Austria

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Coca-Cola HBC Austria is improving its yard management in Edelstal in cooperation with the optimization specialist INFORM. The daily dispatching of trucks is carried out in a completely transparent and almost fully automated manner using intelligent decision-making optimization software. As a result, the Gate-to-Gate time of the trucks could be reduced by 45% and the accuracy of on-time completion increased to 85%.

As a first step in the yard management automation of several plants of the Coca-Cola HBC Austria, the project in Edelstal has already achieved impressive successes: In addition to reduced Gate-to-Gate times and improved on-time completion, the plant now benefits from more efficient resource and capacity utilization, which is especially the result of improved planning capability. At the same time, safety and health standards have been improved and optimized.

Intelligent software to achieve objectives
The INFORM solution is now optimizing truck access control and time slot management at the logistics and production site Edelstal of Coca-Cola HBC Austria. The integrated booking portal automatically allocates ideal time slots, considering all relevant transport parameters such as the availability of staff or forklifts. Additional control functions from the factory gate to the ramp coordinate the truck flow. In case of unpredicted disruptions, the system completely reorganizes the process. "Our algorithms are able to optimally reallocate resources in real time if something changes in the entire process by taking all actual conditions into consideration", explains Matthias Wurst, Director Business Development Industrial Logistics at INFORM.

Additionally, Coca-Cola HBC uses an app that manages the yard logistics intelligently. For example, the truck drivers are navigated across the site to their assigned loading position with the help of images and directional arrows. The forklift driver, already waiting there, synchronises his app with that of the truck driver and knows immediately which goods he has to load and in what volume. The app can also be used to document the securing of the load or to store notes.

Integrated Interfaces

"We have additionally created an interface to all hardware on the yard. Our system is connected to all barriers, weighing systems, QR readers and much more. It can record corresponding data and communicate orders," Wurst added. "For example, the entrance barrier only opens when the license plate has been read via an ANPR camera and is validated by the data in the system.” While the progress of automation in the production and warehouse of Coca-Cola HBC Austria was already very advanced, the digitalization of the yard now keeps pace with the help of the implemented solution. So far, the software is only being used in Austria, but further locations are already planned.

Here you can oder the complete success story. Also watch the video "Technology innovation at Edelstal: Automated Yard Management" by Coca-Cola HBC on LinkedIn and learn more about the implementation of a modern Automated Yard Management solution from INFORM GmbH.


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