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  • Our stocktaking system INVENT XPERT helps you reduce your stocktaking efforts by up to 95 percent.
  • The solution connects quickly and reliably to all ERP and inventory management systems.
  • Flexible, customized solutions: Software-as-a-service, full service, or installation on-site.
  • For more than 35 years, INFORM has been at the forefront of developing inventory sampling software solutions for manufacturers, as well as for wholesale and retail companies.



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Counting less can really pay off. With INVENT XPERT, users optimize stocktaking and instead of counting items, they can count on a surplus of benefits including:

  • Productivity

    turn unproductive days of stocktaking into productive working days

  • Certainty

    achieve the same reliable results as through conventional stocktaking

  • Profitability

    don't count, produce - and build up a competitive advantage

  • Savings

    reduce stocktaking costs, time and effort by up to 95%

  • Reliability

    count on reliable results due to proven procedures

  • Flexibility

    adjust the software to your specific needs and improve not only the stocktaking process but inventory management in general

  • Trust

    profit from 35 years of expertise in the field of inventory sampling

  • Competence

    use INFORM's 50 years of business process optimization know-how


Stocktaking in the Cloud

For more than 5 years now, INFORM is offering the full scope of INVENT XPERT services as a classical "Software-as-a-service" solution in the cloud. Meanwhile, more than 100 of our customers have moved their stock-taking activities into the cloud, thus reducing cost and effort which would have emerged otherwise, due to setting up and maintaining a separate infrastructure for an on-site installation. This flexible solution guarantees that inventory sampling will always be executed using the latest version of INVENT XPERT, and it can be easily and quickly adapted to the customer's individual requirements.

When choosing a platform, we decided by conviction in favor of the severally awarded Microsoft Azure as a strong and reliable partner. Besides the well-known and common standards, such as for example ISO 27001 or C5, Microsoft disposes of numerous other certificates, which satisfy the sometimes highly individual requirements of various industries. Click here to find a detailed overview of the certificates which have been achieved by Microsoft Azure.


Acceptance of Inventory Sampling

At an international level, requirements and acceptance of the statistical inventory sampling results need to be clarified with individual auditors in the respective region or country. It is important to mention that this method has been formally approved by business auditors. Large auditing firms such as Ernst & Young and Price Waterhouse Cooper have for years been approving the inventory counting results provided by the INVENT XPERT system for all of our customers. It is also important to note that the mathematical core of the software system INVENT XPERT has even been certified by KPMG, and most recently, PwC.

Because of the certification by PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, which has been carried out according to the testing standard PS880 of the IDW (Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer), INVENT XPERT itself has been approved by legislators and auditors as a valid approach for inventory sampling.

Infographic - Success with INVENT XPERT


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