SyncroSupply Time slot management and truck supply control of deliveries and supplies


Supply process logistics present industrial companies with complex challenges:

  • Planning and coordinating deliveries from numerous suppliers
  • Achieving transparency throughout the entire delivery process
  • Maintaining an overview at the factory gate even during times of high demand
  • Preventing queues outside and inside the plant
  • Reducing demurrage and cargo rates
  • Directing trucks to the loading bays in the plant in the shortest time possible
  • Fully utilizing loading and unloading resources
  • Reacting to unforeseen events.

SyncroSupply bridges the gap in the supply chain between carrier traffic and internal plant logistics. The software overcomes any information shortages and increases transparency for all process participants thanks to a time slot booking platform and in the control of the truck supply on the delivery day.


"Trucks no longer get held up at the loading points, waiting and unloading times become transparent and the material is delivered to the loading points fully automatically.", Marc L├╝deritz, Project Manager DLSS BMW

  • Transparency in the supply chain

  • Reduced waiting and turnaround times

  • Minimization of demurrage charges

  • Guaranteed production supply

  • Optimized utilization of loading points

  • Comprehensive reporting and KPIs


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