RiskDefender An Enterprise Risk and Financial Crime Management Solution

a world-class fraud prevention and AML compliance monitoring solution providing realtime response time to the constant changing modus operandi of financial criminals for the Australian market.


Financial criminals are constantly seeking for new avenues to commit fraud. To meet this challenge, financial service providers are requiring increased access to data resources to effectively detect and stop fraud, and identify new trends. RiskDefender provides a reliable, fast and responsive anti-fraud solution to meet these requirements and protect your organization against financial crime and cyber attacks.

Features RiskDefender

RiskDefender offers a flexible and highly configurable risk assessment and fraud prevention solution which monitors a variety of products and channels in banking, payments and cards processing services.  The insurance industry also benefits from RiskDefender's protective services.

  • Advanced analytics and Human intelligence based technology

    A supervised learning solution using patented fuzzy logic technology and intelligent profiling

    RiskDefender delivers unique human like decision technology with a large variety of complementary techniques like machine learning, fuzzy controlled rules, pattern recognition, data-mining, network detection and mathematical algorithms to ensure the best mix in fraud detection effectiveness.

  • Real-time and High performance detection engine

    A powerful detection engine with in-memory processing allowing performances under 20 milliseconds.

    RiskDefender Server operates as a flexible and highly configurable monitoring and prevention decision engine, optimized for high performance environments and designed to operate in real-time or batch mode with 24x7 on-demand.

  • User friendly and intuitive rule management

    A powerful tool to create, analyze and simulate fraud detection rules

    RiskDefender Client offers a secure and user-friendly interface to develop, maintain, analyze and optimize fraud detection rules in production without downtime. RiskDefender Client also provides multiple analysis functionalities to improve scoring results as well as simulate and conduct tests with live production data. The graphical presentation of fraud prevention rules allows easy verification, modification and adaptation to new fraud patterns and can be modified by in-house fraud experts without internal IT support.

  • Case investigation and alert workflow management

    A complete case management tool for case investigations and alerts

    RiskDefender Case Management is an investigation tool which offers users the flexibility to automate activities and processes across the complete life cycle of a fraud case. The solution provides the basic framework that defines processes for researching and resolving cases, including investigation resources, time frames, escalation paths and alerts. Acting as a central repository for case activities, RiskDefender provides a complete history and fully centralized audit trail on all aspects of case investigations.

  • Business Intelligence and predictive analytics

    A visual analytics, dashboard and reporting solution

    RiskDefender Business Intelligence helps financial service providers and insurers to access greater insight into transaction flows, fraud cases and customer portfolios, using an intuitive, user-friendly interface to analyze any available data in a graphical and visual display. By delivering information in dashboards as well as scheduled or on-demand reports, fraud managers are able to look at the information in different ways.

Benefits RiskDefender

RiskDefender Fraud and Compliance Management offers a supervised learning financial crime prevention solution that detects and manages suspicious activity in banking accounts, with transaction activities and insurance claims, minimizing losses, optimizing efficiencies, and protecting customers from fraud, money laundering and terrorism financing.

  • Achieving better fraud detection rates

    Analyze, simulate, test and optimize the risk scoring by using production data while not interrupting the detection process.

  • Full transparency and traceability

    Allow customers to fully control and understand the decision process of every risk assessment.

  • Uncover new fraudulent patterns

    Optimize your risk management and find new fraud schemes with online business intelligence and predictive analytics.

  • Holistic view on fraud and AML compliance

    Deliver a better-hit rate and a lower false-positive ratio through a multi-channel approach sharing relevant information across different channels.

  • Self-learning and human like decisions

    Combine supervised learning technologies such as fuzzy logic and dynamic profiling to provide greater accuracy and cost efficiency.

  • Predictive analytics and Machine Learning

    Unique hybrid approach combining machine learning and knowledge based models into a powerful detection solution.

  • Integrated action and response management

    Manage transaction process controls and trigger automated procedures for follow-up actions and workflow handling.

  • Fast adaptability to fraudulent attacks

    Provide a convenient rule management solution to quickly react to new fraud attacks without IT coding, down-time or long implementation efforts.

  • Flexible and scalable implementations

    Easily upgrade to the growing needs, enabling a gradual deployment to an enterprise-wide fraud detection and prevention solution.

  • Proven and reliable technology

    More than 1000 companies worldwide benefit from advanced optimization software systems by INFORM.

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