INFORM's INVENT XPERT inventory sampling software effectively supports your legally required stocktaking as part of the annual financial statement preparation. Stocktaking is often perceived as a necessary evil and is not only time-consuming, but also entails high personnel costs, warehouse closures and production downtimes. In this respect, legislation permits the use of inventory simplifications. Inventory sampling is the only method that drastically reduces the number of inventory items to be counted.


Our solution suite is based on the inventory sampling method recognized by auditors and tax authorities and can be easily connected to any ERP and warehouse management system (WMS) as an inventory interface, regardless of which inventory method you decide to use.


Reduce counting effort by
95% on average

Turn unproductive days of stocktaking into




thanks to certified methods

AVOID WAREHOUSE CLOSURES and loss of production

for best possible customer service


  • Two approved methods in one software solution

    INVENT XPERT offers two approved methods: Extrapolation for manual warehouses and the sequential test for automated warehouses. In the sequential test, extrapolation runs in the background as a fallback.

    Your benefits:

    No need to preselect a method. If the sequential test fails, the inventory items already counted can be used directly for the extrapolation.

  • Open interface structure

    INVENT XPERT can be combined with any ERP/MMS/WMS system using standard file formats.

    Your benefits:

    No programming is required in the standard software for connectivity on either side.
    There are no security risks because no direct access to databases is necessary.

  • Clear, modern, and web-based interfaces

    INVENT XPERT is user-friendly and easy to use in any browser. The interface is intuitive and self-explanatory.

  • Enter counting results in the familiar inventory management system

    You enter the counting results in your usual inventory management system, but for far fewer inventory items.

    Your benefits:

    No need to change familiar inventory processes.
    No new hardware required to take inventory.
    Any differences determined are corrected in the leading inventory management system.

  • Flexible range of applications

    You choose whether you want to use INVENT XPERT on premise or in the cloud. Likewise, it is your decision whether to rent or buy the software. We also offer flexible optional services such as inventory sampling as a service.

  • Special add-in solution for SAP EWM users

    The INVENT EXPERT add-in solution for use in SAP EWM simplifies handling considerably and offers additional functionalities such as inventory on a handling unit (HU) basis.

  • Certified according to IDW PS 880

    Inventory sampling using INVENT XPERT complies with legal requirements as well as the requirements of the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany, Incorporated Association (IDW) and the Working Group for Economic Administration (AWV). PwC has certified the INVENT XPERT software in accordance with IDW PS 880.

    Your benefits:

    You are on the safe side with a certified system.

  • Software from ISO 27001 certified company

    INVENT XPERT is software developed by INFORM. INFORM is ISO 27001 certified.

INFORM: Your reliable partner when it comes to stocktaking


INFORM has more than 35 years of experience in the development and implementation of inventory software based on the sampling method and is the market and technology leader with its INVENT XPERT solution suite. Using our software, customers can reduce their stocktaking efforts on average by 95% compared to a full inventory, which frees up more time to focus on their customers and sales.

Read our Success Stories to find out how prominent customers such as Aurubis and Linde Gas have successfully simplified their annual inventory and made it cost-efficient by implementing inventory sampling through our software solution suite.

More information and materials are available in our download area.



Our experts would be happy to meet with you personally to show you how to optimize the inventory processes in your company. See for yourself the many benefits of our INVENT XPERT inventory software and learn what specific steps you can take to drastically reduce the counting effort for your next inventory.


Buy or rent, on premise or cloud – choose the solution that best suits your needs.


We also offer you completely flexible and optional additional services:

  • Quality analysis of your data
  • On-call service even at weekends
  • We take over the entire handling of the software, including the provision of your results
  • Training

We handle various tasks for you so that you are free to take care of the actual inventory processes. You decide which additional services you would like to book and are free to re-evaluate this decision year after year.



Customer Statements
INVENT XPERT is the only solution that enables us to achieve the same results in half the time, with one third of the staff. Using this software, we have managed to move the inventory to a Saturday, which gives us two more working days.

Karl Späh GmbH & Co. KG
Inventory sampling, which was made possible within 14 days, has resulted in the closure of the warehouse for just 6 hours. 12 persons have counted 810 of over 80,000 inventory items. There were no significant shifts in sales due to the short closure time.

It used to take more than 30 employees two full days to count our 18,000 items while the warehouse was closed. With the introduction of inventory sampling, we were able to reduce the items to be counted to 70. Now, we only need 4 employees and 2 hours of effort for this and the warehouse does not even need to be closed during this time.

SECOMP Electronic Components GmbH



We are happy to offer you a personal consultation to give you an overview of inventory sampling and check how much potential for success inventory sampling has for your annual stocktaking.


Would you like more information about our solution or specific application areas? And are you looking for suitable reading material, events or a personal exchange?

Then please leave us a message. We are looking forward to your request!

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