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Fraud Prevention Posts

Closing The Gap Between Security And Customer Convenience

| Stanley Harmsen van der Vliet

Every single day millions of consumers are making online payments to purchase goods on the web or manage their online banking accounts. The growth of e-Commerce and online banking has transformed money spending from traditional cash payments to digital information traveling around the web at the speed of light. New eCommerce technologies have broadened our markets and have made it more convenient for consumers to pay online for products and services with just a few clicks.


4 Tips on How to Improve Security when Making SWIFT Transactions

| Wiebe Fokma

Recently two international operating banks have faced severe malware attacks through their internal SWIFT messaging system. Attacks though malicious software is nothing new but the way criminals were able to gain access to the SWIFT network raises serious questions about cyber-security. We have asked INFORM’s cyber security expert Wiebe Fokma on his take on implementing measures to strengthen the systems' security.

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