Event Review: Machine Learning Fights Financial Crime

by David Weaver

In our latest joint webinar with BigML, our colleague, Kevin Nagel, presented how RiskShield detects fraud using the Hybrid AI approach. Atakan Cetinsoy, VP Predictive Applications at BigML, opened the event and framed the current problem with card fraud. Kevin took over from there and displayed the benefits associated with utilizing knowledge based and machine learning techniques to identify and stop fraudulent transactions.

In the end, the core message of the webinar is stated in the subtitle: “Moving from lab to production”. It is one thing to develop models, but taking the next step and utilizing them in the fraud detection process is a whole different story. With RiskShield ML, we can put models in production and enhance fraud detection efforts.

The full recording of the webinar can be viewed here:


I recommend taking the 38 minutes to watch Kevin provide live demos of our RiskShield and RiskShield ML solutions (the header image of this blog is also explained!). For those interested in specific topics, here are some time stamps:

Card Fraud - global issue: 2:49

INFORM RiskShield application area introduction: 7:00

Introduction credit card payment system: 9:39

Components of RiskShield introduced including short demos: 12:30

RiskShield ML concept introduced: 18:50

Importance of feature engineering / auto feature engineering: 22:38

Building models and RiskShield ML Demo: 32:20

Summary: 37:40

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about RiskShield ML or the Hybrid AI approach.

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