Fighting Tech Savvy Fraudsters with Tech

by Dr. Michael Skiba

I had the opportunity to sit down with David Weaver on the buzzITtalk podcast to discuss some of the most significant issues facing institutions in the tech industry. Our great conversation covered areas such as Machine Learning, upcoming trends of 2018, fraud prevention strategies, and specific topics companies need to keep a close eye on in our data driven environment. We also discussed the psychology of the cyber and financial criminal and how their mentality and Modus Operandi differs from other criminals.

Companies need to make sure they are aware of this distinction as they develop their counter fraud strategies. We further explored how companies need to take a more holistic approach across departments and avoid silos, where communication and data are in isolated environments. Addressing these concerns, and the many more that were discussed in this podcast, will assist companies in developing a more effective corporate strategy in the upcoming year.


Show Notes

Dr. Fraud background / research focus (2:30)

Psychology of Fraud (4:19)

Most at-risk industries targeted by economic criminals (7:00)

Trends financial institutions could keep an eye on to help keep them safe in 2018 (8:33)

What can banks do to better protect themselves from fraud (11:42)

Identifying outliers in banking activity – digital fingerprints (14:30)

What role is machine learning playing in the fraud fighting space (15:47)

What sets the cyber criminal apart from other criminals? (19:05)

First steps businesses can take to curb costs associated with cybercrime (21:48)


This podcast was originally published on buzzITtalk

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