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time to rethink your digital roadmap

While a fully automated state of the art, business-oriented Yard Management System and an AI-Powered Transport Optimization Software are still key elements on the road to digital transformation, integrating logistics platforms and partners are the upcoming technology trends. In this hands-on webinar, Holger Süß (Axians) and Karsten Horn (INFORM) pull over for 20-minute break to get a clearer picture of the real opportunities that lie ahead on the road to net-zero and digital transformation. It is based on real-world examples from the cement, aggregates, and ready-mix industry.


You’ll Learn

  1. What will make or break your digital transformation journey.
  2. Where the real opportunities of digitalization lie and how to identify them.
  3. How to avoid detours, breakdowns, or U-turns on the road to digital transformation.
  4. Why going digital for the sake of digitalization won’t bring you far.
  5. The latest advancements of INFORM’s AI-Powered Transport Planning Software and Axians’ IAS Suite Service Modules, e.g., the flawless app integration for customer processes. How you can benefit from a cooperation between software partners like INFORM and Axians.

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