Fraud Film Festival

Nov 07-08, 2024 // Amsterdam, Netherlands


The Fraud Film Festival in Amsterdam is an annual event held at the Koninklijk Theater Tuschinski, dedicated to showcasing films and documentaries about fraud, deception, and ethical dilemmas. It gathers filmmakers, industry experts, and audiences to explore and discuss these critical issues through powerful storytelling and insightful discussions. The festival aims to raise awareness and foster dialogue on the complexities of fraud and its impact on society.


Join us at the Fraud Film Festival, that will take place at the Koninklijk Theater Tuschinski in Amsterdam.


Why visit the Film Fraud Festival?
This event offers a unique opportunity to explore the complex world of fraud and deception through cinema. It provides deep insights into various types of fraud, including financial fraud, cybersecurity threats, and corporate deception. The event attracts leading experts who share their knowledge on the latest trends and challenges in fraud prevention. For professionals in the risk management and fraud prevention industry, such as those using INFORM’s RiskShield, the festival is an invaluable platform for networking and learning about innovative strategies and technologies to combat fraud. The films and documentaries showcased offer a profound understanding of the societal and human impacts of fraudulent activities.

We'LL see you there

Stanley Harmsen van der Vliet

Stanley harmsen van der Vliet

Global Expansion | Risk & Fraud