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Find here product information on GroundStar, INFORM´s comprehensive software suite that optimizes resource management at your airport.

Below, please find product information on GroundStar, INFORM´s comprehensive suite of software solutions that optimizes resource management across broad ground handling services.

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groundstar brochure


GS brochure

GroundStar is a comprehensive software solution that supports all phases of ground handling: planning, scheduling, allocation, and post-operational allocation analysis. 

For planning GroundStar calculates demand and optimizes coverage of mobile and immobile resources (i.e., staff, equipment and stands). Next, it converts demand requirements into an optimized roster which addresses regulations and employee preferences. Then, on the day of operation, an optimizer creates and allocates tasks automatically. Finally, users can apply the collected data to create highly configurable KPI reports. The analytics are defined for the current situation enabling real-time dashboards to display the company’s” vital signs”.

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Products and solutions


Line Maintenance


When planning maintenance staff and resources, several variables like SLA compliance must be considered, making this a complex task. Profitability in aircraft maintenance depends on how well resources are balanced with the actual work to complete, while facing unpredictable developments. 

INFORM’s Line Maintenance software solution offers unique staff management tools to increase maintenance engineers’ productivity and reduce technical delays. Its powerful optimizers efficiently adjust staff rosters to unplanned maintenance activities, irregular flight operations, and short-term staff shortages. This enables quick adaptation to changing business environments.

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Air Cargo

air cargo

Air cargo operators are crucial players for global trade, delivering deliver time-critical freight to millions of customers worldwide. Assuring flights reach their destination on time demands pinpoint accuracy in the execution of ground handling processes. With fluctuating cargo demands several challenges arise, especially relating to capacity constraints.

INFORM’s Cargo software solution provides user-centric decision support for optimized capacity utilization. Elaborated algorithms enable clear prioritization of tasks and tours, resulting in improved driver assignments and utilization of vehicles. The system provides other benefits including time-savings and reduced risk of failing to mee SLAs.

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PRM solution

PRM/Special Services

Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM) and Special Services providers face a need for more staff for airlines and airports to deliver high-quality services in a dynamic environment. If reserving support services represents the exception rather than the norm, ad-hoc scheduling determines the daily operations.

INFORM’s PRM solution is an industry-proven software suite specifically designed for PRM service providers worldwide. It covers all aspects of complex PRM/SSR handling processes, from on-time dispatching of qualified staff and equipment to splitting tasks to accommodate if all passengers. The solution facilitates SLA compliance and KPI analysis.

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The control of aircraft de-icing is challenging. Dispatchers must actively react to interruptions and adapt allocation plans on short notice. Poor communication between stakeholders and reduced staff often lead to avoidable inefficiencies and delays.

INFORM's integrated de-icing solution offers the best support for all processes linked with aircraft deicing independent of the de-icing method chosen. It facilitates on-time dispatching of available staff and equipment, as well as the efficient scheduling of support tasks such as refilling liquids. Communication is direct and seamless since the software facilitates a fully automated exchange of vital information between the allocator and field staff.

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 Volatile air traffic makes it difficult for planners to estimate the number of vehicles necessary for servicing flights on schedule. Failing to efficiently plan driver and bus requirements leads to major delays and degraded passenger experiences. 

INFORM’s busing software solution covers all aspects of airside passenger transportation, from on-time availability of right-sized buses to optimized allocation of tasks such as fueling and timely maintenance checks. The solution’s equipment-tracking and video-surveillance capabilities help operators adhere to SLAs and increase passenger safety. Even before the day of operations, the solution facilitates long-term and tactical resource planning.

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machine learning

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its subset Machine Learning (ML) are influencing the future of many sectors, including aviation. They are helping to create applications that can mimic and display "human" cognitive skills. Such tools are able to learn autonomously and advise on complex problems enabling, for instance, more accurate predictions on resource demand requirements to improve productivity and capacity utilization.

GroundStar implements Hybrid AI to provide customers with a significant competitive advantage through digital decision making. Use cases include the prediction of passengers by flight and cabin class, and prediction of task durations and aircraft parking positions. Furthermore, INFORM works closely with customers to include additional use cases that are most relevant to their individual operations.

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turn manager

GroundStar TurnManagement

With GroundStar TurnManagement (GS TurnManager) all important activities, milestones, transfer connections for passenger, baggage and crew, as well as their dependencies, can be monitored and tracked precisely. With early prediction of operational disruption, the solution provides more reaction time for the Turnaround Manager.


- Early prediction of bottlenecks

- Highlighting the root cause of the delay

- Visualizing critical path of activities and milestones

- Indicating the aircraft’s calculated off block time

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E-Learning Academy

INFORM has created a new platform to offer customers more support and knowledge suitability through workshops designed to improve the implementation and operation of Groundstar solutions.

The new E-Learning platform, GroundStar Academy, offers customers e-learning support in all project phases: implementation, go-live, and over the entire life cycle of the respective software solution.

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autonomous driving

Optimized Autonomous Device Dispatching

With the Optimized Autonomous Device Dispatching solution combined with WHILL Autonomous Mobility Service, efforts involved in a shopping experience, lounge visit or restroom stop can be significantly reduced, while ensuring a better travel experience for Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM).


- Manage increasing passenger numbers without increases in personnel

- Optimized utilization of personnel and autonomous mobility systems

- Improved service for Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM)

- Better travel experience with more independence for PRMs

- Reduced number of contacts minimizes infection risks

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Sandra Gaviria

Sandra Gaviria

Marketing Manager

Aviation has become one of her great passions since she first got on an airplane at the age of 5. Years later, namely in 2020, that passion led her to a career at INFORM, where she started as Marketing Manager in the Aviation Division. Today, she is responsible for digital projects, particularly those relating to social media.