INFORM and GeoVictoria partnership promises to boost shift scheduling through the use of AI

Jun 25, 2024

INFORM, a leader in AI-powered optimization software, and GeoVictoria, a specialist in attendance management and control software, are proud to announce their latest partnership aimed at enhancing work shift planning through the use of artificial intelligence in Latin America. This initiative marks an important milestone for both companies, which expect to continue growing and adding value to companies’ workforce and the societies in which they operate.

Latin America is undergoing a significant digital transformation alongside changes in labor legislation that require companies to adapt promptly in order to remain competitive. These opportunities, coupled with the region’s need to increase labor productivity, present a prime opportunity forpioneering companies in shift optimization and management to make a substantial impact. As a result, innovative cloud-based solutions and AI have made inroads with options that enable companies across multiple industries to increase their efficiency and resilience.

A Powerful Partnership

WorkforcePlus is a unique tool developed by INFORM making workforce management simple. With its advanced decision intelligence, it allows optimizing employee shifts according to industry strategies and needs. The tool aids human decision-makers in making smarter and more consistent decisions, integrating seamlessly into business operations for swift, effortless, and cost-effective execution.

Federico dos Reis, CEO of INFORM Chile, highlights the flexibility and scalability of this technology, noting its suitability for companies of all sizes and sectors worldwide. “Thanks to optimization methods rooted in the advanced mathematics of Operations Research and the latest technologies that we as INFORM have developed, during the last few years we have focused on making our solutions more sophisticated. Not only do they enhance companies’ efficiency, but they are also able to consider the collaborators’ preferences and ergonomic aspects, thus boosting satisfaction,” said the executive.

Moreover, GeoVictoria regional presence as a world class attendance solution provider complements this partnership. Many of GeoVictoria’s clients seek to make their shifts more efficient after having solved control problems, such as avoiding errors in staffing calculations and payment. “At this point, we complement each other perfectly. WorkforcePlus provides optimal shifts through easily configurable APIs, driving greater efficiency and reducing errors while improving employees’ quality of life,” added dos Reis.

A Shared Vision for the Future

Felipe Araya, GeoVictoria’s Director of Alliances, stated that this alliance aims to strengthenthe company’s position in the region. “This partnership enhances our attendance management software, creating an ecosystem of solutions that offers a better experience for our customers, ultimately driving the excellence of our SaaS. We firmly believe in collaborative work, as it allows us to leverage the strength of each expert company,” affirmed Araya. 

Both INFORM and GeoVictoria share a long-term vision of addressing their customers’ challenges and needs. They are committed to continuous growth and delivering added value to both society and companies’ workforce.