ADD*ONE Advanced: Parameters, Tips & Tricks (English)

ADD*ONE Advanced: Parameters, Tips & Tricks (English)


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Users who have already experienced working with ADD*ONE Inventory Optimizer can use the 90-minute online courses on the 'Advanced' level to dive deeper into selected topics. The trainings focus on specific functional components and tasks. By this, every user can precisely choose the content that is relevant for their own daily work. The courses have been designed as intermediates between the starter trainings on the 'Newbies' level, and the courses, workshops, and round tables for key users of ADD*ONE on the 'Experts' level.

We therefore recommend the participation in the `ADD*ONE Advanced: Parameters, Tips & Tricks´ online training particularly to advanced users, who would like to learn how to apply user-specific parameters, in order to adjust ADD*ONE Inventory Optimizer to fit their personal work routines in an optimal way. Furthermore, you will get acquainted with various tips & tricks that will help you reach your intended goals quicker and more effectively.


We are looking forward to welcoming you at our trainings!

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