about us

We are a leading company for artificial intelligence to optimize business processes

We are driven by the pioneering spirit

INFORM is the sum of human curiosity and enthusiasm for mathematics. We are passionate, entrepreneurial, progressive, and highly motivated. With more than 1,000 experts with deep industry knowledge and technical expertise, we help our customers successfully master the challenges of tomorrow.

Software development is more than the correct sequence of zeros and ones or the knowledge of programming languages and technologies. Our software is created by listening, asking, and understanding! Because our optimization software must reflect the real working environments with all their complex processes. Cracking codes, untying knots - whatever you call it: We burn to solve complex problems.

+1,000 people

from +40 Nations

+1,000 active customers

A few facts

  • Founded in 1969, continuous growth since then
  • Revenue 2022: EUR 115 million
  • Consistent reinvestment of profits in research and development
  • Internal ownership - founders, managing directors, long-term employees

INFORM spearheads focus on ethical AI with new guidelines

These guidelines underscore our commitment to advancing AI technology with accountability, transparency, and an ethical foundation.

inform magazine

Be it printed or digital: Dive even deeper into the world of optimization, software developments or stories from users around the world with our customer magazines.

executive board

The Executive Board comprises the Management Board and the heads of a total of nine different divisions:

Dr. Andreas Meyer



Dr. Jörg Herbers




Peter Frerichs




Senior Vice Presidents:

  • Thomas Bergmans, Logistics - LinkedIn
  • Andreas Falter, Inventory & Supply Chain
  • Thomas Freyland, Workforce Management - LinkedIn
  • Andreas Gladis, Production - LinkedIn
  • Dr. Torsten Inkmann, Manufacturing Logistics & Healthcare - LinkedIn
  • Dr. Kai Kreisköther, Workforce Management - LinkedIn
  • Roy Prayikulam, Risk & Fraud - LinkedIn
  • Dr.-Ing. Eva Savelsberg, Terminal & Distribution Center Logistics - LinkedIn
  • Uschi Schulte-Sasse, Aviation - LinkedIn
  • Jens Siebertz, INFORM DataLAB - LinkedIn

Our international partners

With multiple locations around the globe, we bring our intelligent software directly to you.