Automotive Network Planning

Design and implement a resilient distribution network with increased delivery predictability, risk balancing and the identification of secondary routes; all while managing costs and reducing lead times.

Network Modeling

Planning and designing a logistics network in the automotive industry is a complex challenge. The future potential network needs to optimize vehicle flow in terms of myriad aspects such as costs per unit, used locations, time to market, CO2 emission and many more.

The specific automotive network solution enables modeling an optimized network by counting all important aspects for each region.

Running several scenarios can only be done efficiently by using technology that is designed to understand the specific dynamics of the finished vehicle supply chain. This is important because vehicles are unique in logistics terms compared to most other forms of cargo. They need specialist transport, they are more prone to external damage, and they are too individual to be easily replaced by alternative units. Network planning software helps to overcome these challenges.



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Automotive Solution Features

INFORM's network planning software is based on many years of experience in vehicle logistics. The intelligent software for distribution network planning is tailored to the specific requirements of the automotive industry.

This is extremely important, because vehicles are compared to most other types of freight unique. Special transporters are required and they are more susceptible to external damage. Network planning software takes these requirements into account.

  • Strategic planning tool

    Optimized planning of transport volumes and simulations of various scenarios with possible network nodes, transport routes and logistics providers.

  • innovative optimization technology

    Simulation of different scenarios in the network on an extremely high technical level, taking all relevant data into account for an optimized network.

  • Consideration of individual restrictions

    Regional and contractual restrictions can be considered by the network planning system.

  • Comprehensive reporting

    Reporting and analysis of business-related metrics available online and in real-time.

  • Tendering Portal

    Automated tenders for transport services based on the data of the optimized network including the reception of offers via standardized interfaces.


With INFORM´s innovative network planning software you are able to secure your vehicle distribution for the future and to react flexible to changes.

  • high flexibility

    Enable a flexible planning, design and simulation of supply chain network in entrepreneurial required intervals.

  • Cost reduction

    Achieve substantial cost savings through an optimized choice of locations, transport routes and service providers.

  • Increased utilization

    Use your distribution network better through the optimum utilization of existing or new resources.

  • Reduced vehicles stocks

    Reduce the level of vehicle stocks in the supply chain network through achievable shorter delivery times.

  • High Quality

    Improve the quality of vehicle distribution and secure your network as well as customer relationships for the future by intelligent network planning.


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