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Are you looking for individual responsibilities, a family working atmosphere and cultural diversity in your job? Then you are the right candidate for us! Working at INFORM – that means in particular to shape varied and exciting projects with responsibility and to implement these projects together in a unique team atmosphere.

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For over 50 years, we have been developing software solutions for intelligent process optimization based on artificial intelligence and operations research. Whether from the modern campus in the middle of the countryside of Aachen, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city center, remotely or from abroad - every day, over 1000 employees work with a lot of passion, ambition and expertise to achieve great things together as a team. And always with their finger on the pulse. In doing so, we always pay special attention to the social and environmental sustainability of our solutions. This applies not only to our products, but also to our employees. We not only offer the greatest possible freedom to develop, but also a very good work-life balance with many benefits. As a family-friendly company, the compatibility of work and family is particularly important to us. Have we sparked your interest? Then apply now. < PRESS START >


Sabrina Bartsch

Sabrina Bartsch

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Our topics Industries and Business Areas

We develop optimization software for a wide variety of industries based on Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research. Our solutions awaken enormous innovation potential and drive the digital transformation with our customers.



Our software optimizes the processes of ground handling at commercial airports – from long-term planning and shift allocation to daily operation. After an aircraft has landed, over 200 processes have to be handled before it can take off again. Unforeseen events can quickly lead to failures or delays. Our intelligent systems control tens of thousands of employees every day at various airports around the globe and ensure that all processes are efficiently planned and that resources are used at best.

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Industrial Logistics

Industrial Logistics

With its systems for plant logistics, INFORM supports a continuous production supply and creates transparency in the supply chain. We support our customers with the complex challenges of material provision, from acquisition to delivery to the assembly line, examine plant traffic and the workload of employees, means of transport and loading points.

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Deriving knowledge and the right decisions from data is our core competence. Our INFORM DataLab supports companies of all industries and sizes in the areas of data management, data analytics, data science and data strategy and shows them how they can generate real added value from their data.

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Inventory & Supply Chain

Inventory & Supply Chain

Here, it is all about the processes in the supply chain of companies, the management of stock and inventory optimization. Filling a warehouse with goods to the ceiling costs money. It is therefore extremely important to only store the amount of articles required by the customer. We ensure that the shelves in supermarkets, constructions markets, etc. are stocked with the right goods and also help upstream production sites or large central warehouses to optimize their inventory.

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With the help of our intelligent INFORM software, planning and disposition decisions are optimized in real time. We ensure that all resources are used efficiently in transport and handling processes. This not only increases the revenues and the competitiveness of our customers. At the same time, it ensures that there is no idling and that pollutant emissions are reduced.

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We support our customers in the complex task of production planning. The focus lies on machine and system manufacturers as well as single and small series manufacturers, who usually manufacture in very small quantities, very individually and with a wide variety. This also means that production planning is very multilayered and can hardly be done “by hand”. Our optiomization software helps production planners to master this mammoth task by automatically and dynamically planning and controlling, so that the products reach the customer on time.


Risk & Fraud

Risk & Fraud

INFORM software supports the evaluation of risks and the prevention of fraud and money laundering. Well-known banks around the world use our software to protect their online and mobile banking business from criminals, and to protect card payments on site and on the Internet from fraud. Insurance and telecommunication companies also rely on our software when evaluating risks to establish anti-money laundering solutions, fight terrorist financing efficiently, avoid financial fraud and monitor high-risk requests.

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Workforce Management

Workforce Management

How do companies manage to deploy their employees in the right number, with the right qualifications, at the right time and in the right place? With our intelligent software for workforce management, we support our customers in the optimal planning of personnel in shift operations.

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What We Stand For


For us at INFORM, community is more than just a word. Because we know: Teamwork makes the dream work! Since we can only achieve our goals as a team, our culture is characterized especially by openness, mutual trust and humanity. Even though we have grown a lot over the years, we have always maintained flat hierarchies, an “open door” policy and our team sprit. Respectful interaction with one another and as well as open and honest communication are of course important matters for us. We are all on first name terms – from the boss to the trainee – because it suits our working atmosphere. We are all INFORM and only together we are team winner.


Our success is based on our diversity: At INFORM we have colleagues from over 30 nations who contribute to innovation with their different perspectives and professional expertise. This results in the perfect mix of people and skills which not only allows us to learn from each other, but also to successfully master every challenge together. It does not matter whether you are a specialist or generalist, professional or newbie – we respect and value every personality because we all have something to give that furthers us in the project and as a community.


Even if we are successful today, we are not resting on our laurels, but are working on the future. We are open to new things, like to be inspired by good ideas and always want to improve existing processes. This is exactly why we take the liberty of giving our employees individual design possibilities in their job and thus the necessary space for personal and entrepreneurial progress. Our teams are supported by managers in such a way that they can act independently. As a result, everyone can take on his/her job with a lot of personal responsibility and thus has the opportunity to make a difference.

Our Social & Ecological Engagement

Sustainability has long been a corporate goal of INFORM. In this way, our products actively contribute to reducing emissions. Our software solutions lead to an increase in efficiency, especially in logistics e.g. in freight traffic and trans-shipment centers. This ensures that there is no unnecessary idling and that increased pollutant emissions are avoided.

In addition to the environmentally conscious design of our INFORM campus, the sustainable relationship with our employees is also important to us, which is why we here also follow the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and promote the compatibility of family and work at INFORM through various measures.

Moreover, we care about social projects, which is why INFORM supports a large number of institutions, foundations and associations financially. Above all, local institutions from the region around Aachen are important to us.

Project Management & Consulting

Project Management & Consulting Become a Part of the Customer and Project World at INFORM

As a software company we are first and foremost a service provider for our customers and it is our passion to develop ideal software solutions for them.

In this context, our project managers and consultants act as INFORM's face towards customers and are at their side in all matters. At the same time, cooperation with internal development, quality assurance and customer support are essential for the success of the project. Agile project management, customer workshops, regular releases and exciting go-live phases, some on-site at our customers facilities, shape everyday work in this exciting area.

Due to the variety of industries in which INFORM leads projects to success, there is something for everyone.

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Development & QA

Development & QA Develop Your and Our Future

Our developer community is fundamentally involved in the creation and continuous further development of our products and works closely with our consultants and product managers. In the software projects in which we work with customers from a wide variety of industries, we see ourselves as pioneers. This includes constantly testing new technologies and taking paths that no one has dared to take before. We are already looking forward to your ideas!

Our tech stack currently includes:

  • Programming languages such as C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, Perl, Typescript...
  • Technologies & frameworks, such as Angular, Hibernate, REST, React, Spring, Vue.js...
  • Decision support with Operations Research and Machine Learning, among other things
  • Databases, including Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL...
  • Test and monitoring tools, such as Boost Test, Elastic, Jira, JUnit...

Whatever your specialization, there is very likely a suitable team for you!

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IT, Dev-ops & Support

IT, Dev-ops & Support Enable Efficient Work

As part of our community for IT or infrastructure, DevOps and support, you are one of the pioneers for smooth processes and robust systems at INFORM. Whether as a network or system administrator, for Linux or Windows, DevOps or support – without you, nothing works in IT. Depending on the specialist area, you ensure with full commitment that our internal systems are permanently accessible or that the INFORM software runs smoothly for our customers.

We are always working on our infrastructure and here too we are open to new technologies and approaches. Our mission is to create an ideal process and tool infrastructure for the development and deployment of our software.

Our technology stack: We host in AWS, Azure or Google Cloud and use tools such as Ant, Ansible, GitLab, Jenkins or ArgoCD for our CD pipeline to operate our Kubernetes clusters. We look forward to brave pioneers who will continue to equip INFORM with the ideal infrastructure in the future, provide optimal support for our customers and leave their footprint in the digital world.

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Marketing & Sales

Marketing & Sales Convince Potential Customers of Our Solutions

Whether medium-sized or group, whether logistics, finance, industry or trade: Experience the versatility of our areas of application with customers from a wide variety of industries.

In our marketing community, you position our brand and our products in the best possible way with the target groups and ensure an attention-grabbing external presence, e.g. in corporate or product communication, online marketing or event marketing. You actively help to shape our brand and continuously develop it with your creative ideas. As part of our sales community, you are responsible for acquiring new customers. You establish the first contact, convince the interested parties of our products and accompany the customers you have won from the requirements analysis to the signing of the contract.

Intelligent software with optimization logic has great potential to attract even more customers and industries. Ensure the optimal presentation of our company externally as well as internally or make your personal contribution to the company's growth. New customers, new optimization potential and new solutions – as part of our sales and marketing community, you are a pioneer for INFORM's future development.

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Commercial Department & HR

Commercial Department & HR Build the Foundations for the Team

Of course, at INFORM we also have the classic commercial and organizational fields of activity, such as accounting, personnel office & HR, health management and facility management. Together, these teams create the perfect basis for a smooth process and a great working environment in addition to the lively project activity. At the heart of the company, they hold the different areas of our company together and, along with the other communities, are significantly involved in our company's success.

Whether you ensure happy faces in HR or health management, always keep an eye on the financial situation of our company in accounting or plan and manage our campus in facility management – as part of a strong team, you can develop your tasks and grow with your colleagues.

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Anne Nicole – Consulting

I know that I can rely on my colleagues Anne Nicole

What is the coolest thing about your job?

Certainly the contact with different personalities. We have customers in Singapore, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates and of course in Germany. You will gain insights into the processes and cultures of a wide variety of companies and you will constantly learn how business works in other countries, but also in the different companies within a country.

Why would you recommend INFORM to your best friend?

Because you can help shape and influence a lot here, if you want to. Because I can contribute my own ideas and design projects freely, I can freely develop personally and also get the chance to actively participate in innovations. Suggestions for improvements are not dismissed according to the motto "We always do it this way". Instead, the team listens to you and discusses your ideas.

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Ruth – Development

We have an excellent error culture Ruth

What makes your job exciting?

On the one hand, the interesting and challenging mix between user experience and software development. In UX design, my creativity is required, while pure development tasks are about logical concepts and the technical implementation. On the other hand, there is always something new to do or learn in my job. Designing new solutions and writing really good code is my passion.

What has been your noteworthy work experience in the past six months?

In our area, we always end the year with a hackathon. Here we have the chance to try things out for a few weeks that we think are useful and have always wanted to do. This creates fantastic things that really help us. At a hackathon, for example, I created a completely new design for our planning client and then implemented it.

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Brigitte – Quality Assurance

I appreciate the flexibility Brigitte

What sets INFORM apart as an employer?

The fact that as an employee you can combine work and family really well. I don't think there are many companies that can do it like INFORM. For example, I really appreciate the flexibility in terms of working hours. At the time, I didn't hesitate for a moment to bring my children into the company daycare center at the age of six months. INFORM simply pays attention to many little things so that employees feel comfortable.

How does this affect the working atmosphere?

Very well, of course. The atmosphere here is very friendly anyway, almost familiar. We're all on first name terms, regardless of whether you’re a boss or a student assistant. The hierarchies are very flat. There's also a conscious effort towards team trust. For example, company outings are all about experiencing things together. This is extremely valuable for collaboration.

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Max - IT

You never stop learning Max

What motivates you at work?

In my job, I make sure that my colleagues' work runs smoothly and that collaboration tools, such as e-mail servers, Microsoft Teams or Sharepoint, always work. I support my colleagues with technical challenges, but I’m also involved in exciting projects to further expand and optimize our internal system landscape. Here I can familiarize myself with new trending topics, contribute my own ideas and help determine which technologies we want to use in the future.

What qualities should you have?

Above all, openness and the ability to work in a team. We usually work in smaller project teams. This means that internal knowledge exchange, joint solution finding and close communication are of course a matter for us. Moreover, you should be open to new challenges and situations and also have fun discovering and using a variety of tools and techniques.

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Guy Paulin – Support

We learn a lot from each other Guy Paulin

How have you settled in at INFORM?

Getting a foothold here wasn't too complicated. Even as a student assistant, I immediately felt like a full team member. I was able to gain experience quickly, I was given responsibility at an early stage and I was able to support my own customers fairly quickly. I’ve never felt like an outsider. In my environment I work with people of various origins. Through the permanent exchange you encounter a wide variety of cultures, customs and traditions. It's great, we learn a lot from each other.

What is INFORM as an employer like for you?

It's very simple: I feel very comfortable here. The social aspects, the people, the flexibility with the work – I see that all as one unit. I’m able to develop because of the good balance between family and work. Even if INFORM has grown enormously over the years, one thing has always remained the same: the personal and closeness to colleagues.

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Your Benefits

Your Benefits

Varied Advanced Training Opportunities

Advanced training offers, language courses and coaching – with a wide range of offers at our INFORM academy, nothing stands in the way of part-time lifelong learning.

Flexible Working Times

Whether at six in the morning or at three in the afternoon – with us you work according to your time constraints. With the INFORM time-out account, you also have the opportunity to save working time in the form of money so that you can later take a fully financed time-out, e.g. for a sabbatical or temporary part-time work.

Remote Working

You want to work flexibly from home or on the go? With us you can use the advantages of remote working. As part of the “workation” you also have the opportunity to work from another EU country for three months a year.

Nursery School / Childcare Subsidy

In our U3 daycare group, parents know that their children from the age of 6 months are well looked after and can therefore optimally concentrate on their work. In addition, we offer childcare subsidy.

Healthy & Fit at Work

We value your health. Therefore, you can expect a variety of health and sports offers at INFORM:

  • Company doctor / medical check-ups
  • Health day
  • Numerous sports courses, such as Yoga and CrossFit, and in-house sports teams
  • Big discounts with an Urban Sports Club membership
  • Free use of the courts in the Tennis-Squash-Boule-Center Lichtenbusch
  • Massage and chill-out room
  • Opportunity for subsidized bicycle leasing
  • Psychosocial advice by an independent service provider


What would work be without lunch and coffee breaks? In our canteens you will find a wide range of meals for a varied diet. In addition, fruit and vegetable baskets ensure healthy snacks in between.

Company Pension Scheme

As part of a direct insurance (conventional or investment-based pension insurance), you get to make use of retirement arrangements while you are still working. INFORM works with two independent consulting companies and pays the consulting costs for you.


Regular company and team events, such as Christmas parties, company outings or our annual summer party, to which the whole family is invited, support the working atmosphere and ensure a fun time with colleagues.

Application Process

You would like to become part of our team? Here is how the application process works with us.

Our Application Process



Apply Online

… via our application portal – this is very easy and for you the fastest way to success.



Document Check & Pre-Selection

Afterwards, we ask for a little patience. We will check your documents and give you a response within about two weeks.



Getting to Know Each Other

If you convinced us with your application, we will invite you to an interview. Depending on the position, it is possible that we will previously get to know each other by telephone and/or that there will be an orientation day after the interview.



Contract Offer

If you convinced us with your application, we will invite you to an interview. Depending on the position, it is possible that we will previously get to know each other by telephone and/or that there will be an orientation day after the interview.




Even if it takes a while until the first day of work, it is important to us that you feel comfortable from the start. We want to stay in contact with you and are always available to answer your questions.



First Day of Work

We warmly welcome you! You will be given a tour of the company building and get to know your team and colleagues from other departments. An appointed employee will be at your side during the initial training.

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Tips for your Application

Have we sparked your interest? So that nothing gets in the way of your application, we have summarized helpful tips for you.

Don’t forget anything

An up-to-date curriculum vitae is essential for your application. Relevant certificates are also always very helpful. Optionally, you can also formulate a cover letter.

Inform us

When are you available? What is your salary expectation? This is basic information that we always ask for.

Seek support

Have someone proofread your application before you submit it – it just reads better if it is free of errors.

Inform yourself

Do you have an overview of the main topics INFORM is currently focusing on? Subscribe to our social media channels, for example, and easily stay up-to-date.

Prepare yourself well

Good preparation is essential. Your future team is curious about the exciting task you have already worked on.

Be authentic

Be yourself during the interview and don’t pretend. Choose an outfit that you feel comfortable in.

Be nervous

You are nervous? This can happen and is completely normal. The other candidates feel the same way. So, don’t panic!

Be curious

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Even after the interview, you can always contact us if you have any questions.

Apply now!

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