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INFORM AI Guidelines

Our goal is trustworthy AI. That is why we have defined guidelines for the responsible use of AI.


Aviation Starts on the Ground

GroundStar is the complete software solution for optimizing airport and airline ground operations. Curious? Request our brochure for more information.

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GS Planning Staff & Equipment

Discover INFORM's GroundStar Planning Staff & Equipment module which supports the planning of staff and ground support equipment (GSE).

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GS RealTime Staff & Equipment

GroundStar RealTime Staff & Equipment supports you with daily planning, monitoring, and dispatching of staff and ground support equipment (GSE).

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GS Planning Stands & Terminal

Our module supports long-, medium- and short-term planning of aircraft parking positions (stands) as well as terminal resources like passenger gates.

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GS RealTime Stands & Terminal

INFORM´s software module manages the allocation of flights to aircraft parking positions/stands and terminal resources like gates on the day of operation.

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GS WorkforcePlus

GS WorkforcePlus is a flexible rostering tool that balances employees’ needs with an organization’s regulatory workforce deployment requirements.

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GS Connect

INFORM´s GroundStart (GS) Connect module helps airlines reduce the number of passengers and baggage that might miss their connecting flights.

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GS TurnManager

Our application supports active monitoring and management of all ground handling activities and their dependencies within the turnaround process.

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INFORM Planning as a Service

Planning as a Service is an ideal alternative for aviation companies that don't have a resource planning system and cannot procure one on short notice.

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Targeting Staff Shortages in MRO

In this webinar, you will learn why embracing new technologies is imperative to address staff shortages and stay competitive as an MRO service provider.