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Machine and Systems Engineering

Complex machines or entire plants need to be manufactured, assembled, and shipped in an ever shorter time. Unexpected delays often occur, particularly during the final assembly. With increasing competitive pressure, precise and efficient production planning is becoming increasingly more important.


Manufacturers in machine engineering often face specific challenges when it comes to efficient production planning: 

  • on-time production despite highly variable constructions 
  • precise coordination and control of a high number of production and assembly orders 
  • efficient synchronization of purchasing and in-house manufacturing 
  • increased market requirements due to digital change.

In addition to these challenges, there is high competitive and cost pressure. Therefore, machine and systems engineering companies often have problems producing their high-quality products according to their capacities and on schedule.

Solution FELIOS Features

FELIOS has revolutionized planning and controlling in machine and systems engineering. Existing PPS/ERP data is used as the basis for planning with limited capacities and materials. This way, customer orders can be processed without missing parts and on schedule. The intelligent production planning system offers the following features:

  • Simulation of customer inquiries

    Identification of a feasible delivery date taking into account existing workloads, capacities and purchased components.

  • Production controlling and statistics

    Suitable key performance indicators (KPIs) for target achievement tracking are provided automatically.

  • Prioritization and fixation of orders

     Entire collective orders or individual orders can be prioritized.

  • Identification of critical paths

    Graphical and tabular presentation of collective orders.


FELIOS optimization systems are state-of-the-art in machine and systems engineering. These systems intelligently plan production processes for reliable on-time deliveries. Moreover, FELIOS offers the following benefits for planning production processes in machine and systems engineering:

  • Central transparency

    Reliable and up-to-date information on the expected completion dates at all times.

  • Prevention of postponements

    Visualization of effects on production processes and orders.

  • Solution assistant

    Suggestions for additional work such as extra work shifts according to requirements.

  • Synchronous work distribution

    Dynamic work lists synchronous to dates, available capacities and material availability.

  • Minimization of missing parts

    Optimized procurement dates for order positions, purchased and outsourced parts.

  • Elimination of residues

    Automatic, residue-free scheduling of all open operations and production orders.

  • Reduction of routine work

    Less manual re-scheduling and flexibility for quick reactions.

  • Upgrading of jobs

    More time for further development of production processes.

Success Story: Schuler

Schuler AG relies on agile optimization of planning & controlling

The machine and plant manufacturer Schuler produces all types of presses, including coin minting presses. The company is the market leader in this area. Approximately 2000 orders are running simultaneously in the mechanical production of parts for the presses. 

Conventional ERP or production planning systems are not able to coordinate the complex processes involved because they plan against unlimited capacities. FELIOS, on the other hand, coordinates using intelligent processes and an integrated process view.

Find out here how Schuler has been able to reduce its stocks and increase delivery reliability with FELIOS.


Industry 4.0 - try something new with proven concepts

Industry 4.0 - try something new with proven concepts

The pressure to change towards an intelligent, self-organizing production with smart machines is increasing. Companies need to decide now, how they are going to tackle this challenge. Proven concepts might be the solution; they have already worked for a long time and can easily be integrated into the existing production landscape. Using intelligent processes, they synchronize production processes with market demand, to optimally manage costs, quality and time.

FELIOS has been used in machine and systems engineering to optimize production planning in terms of Industry 4.0 for a long time.


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