Intelligent Software for Optimized Production Planning


FELIOS is a next generation Advanced Planning System (APS). It works as an add-on to current PPS/ERP systems and in conjunction with those allows the intelligent optimization and cross-department synchronization of production processes.

Companies with complex production and even more complicated planning processes need efficient planning tools. ERP systems generally lack the ability to plan manufacturing processes in line with realistic procurement times, limited personnel and machinery resources. Nevertheless, the accurate and efficient planning is essential to warrant short production cycles with optimal processing times on schedule. FELIOS offers:

  • Optimized planning with respect to limited resources
  • Elimination of backlog
  • Consideration of inter-process dependencies in multi-process simulations.


Stipo Nad

Stipo Nad
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  • Increased adherence-to-schedule

  • Reduced stocks

  • Shortened lead times

  • 90% less effort

  • 90% fewer missing parts

  • 100% reliability


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