Smaller Stations, Big Impact: Optimizing Airline Operations

Aug 27, 2024 / 2:00 PM // Online


Join us for an exclusive free online session where dedicated INFORM Aviation experts will share key strategies for staff and stand management to enhance airline operations at smaller airport stations. 

Additionally, hear from a seasoned representative of a major American airline, who will provide first-hand experiences and examples of industry challenges.

Hosted by International Airport Review.

Why You Should Join This Free Webinar:

  • Discover innovative approaches for stand and staff management, immediate conflict mitigation, and decision support for frontline managers, enhancing operational decisions on the apron or in the terminal.
  • Get expert advice on streamlining staff allocations and responsibilities, reducing the need for constant back-office support, and explore potential shifts in job roles to better manage operational demands.
  • Understand how to improve operational efficiency with advanced, predictive insights on potential disruptions, helping to prevent new situations and conflicts at individual operations through decision intelligence.
  • Learn how to quickly get an overview of your airline’s network as a regional manager and uncover potential savings in money, working hours, smoother processes, and more efficient communication.

The session will wrap up with a live Q&A session, providing attendees with the opportunity to ask questions and gain deeper insights into implementing these strategies in their own operations.


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