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Time Slot Management in inbound and outbound Deliveries

Waiting times, congestion, production bottlenecks and unnecessary costs arise from uncoordinated supply, delivery and collector logistics. With optimized time slot booking software and allocation the truck supply can be controlled in such a way that throughput times are reduced considerably and loading point capacities can be used more efficiently.

Improved Dock Management

INFORM's time slot management enables the booking and allocation of time slots using an Internet platform. In this way, information such as supply volume, loading point capacity, production requirements, shipment priority, storage capacity and the status of shipment material can be input into optimized planning.

Time slot management is thereby a decisive link between loaders, carriers, collectors and the plant. It enables an organized logistical process with advantages for all those involved:

  • Reduced and more reliable throughput times for carriers and plant traffic and, as such, more stable transport schedules,
  • More even utilization of loading resources, reduced demurrage charges or cargo rates, increased flow-rate, as well as even greater process safety.

As soon as the schedule becomes reality, besides the pure time slot booking is an intelligent and dynamic Truck Supply a decisive advantage if unforeseeable events put the schedule at risk.


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Solution SyncroSupply Features

Intelligent time slot management administers the loading points and their opening times and capacities centrally, thereby optimizing resources planning not only on a plant level but upon request, even down to each loading point for incoming and outgoing goods.

  • Web portal

    Via the web portal the stipulated loading point capacities are prepared and can be booked by the carriers. The carrier or the collector can provide more information on the journey such as the vehicle identification, the driver or the order number. Moreover, the carrier can download a ticket or barcode with which the processes in the Truck Supply can be given increased support.

  • Flexible Time Slot allocation

    Time slot management offers the possibility of offering different types of time slots. For example, with allocation, the type of goods, the contract details, the carrier can be taken into account to accommodate more flexible and varying requirements. As such, regular time slots have delivery dates for specific carriers. Pool time slots allow for freely bookable times. The length of the time slot or the required  time to dispatch can be dynamically calculated by the system and taken into account in the schedule.

  • Intelligente optimization

    For optimized time slot allocation the system takes into account the relevant information from the time slot booking, request, as well as location-specific characteristics. In doing so it is possible to select between partial and total optimization.

  • Control tower and management reporting

    All the details entered via the web portal are made available to the users. Conclusive dashboards and KPIs provide targeted information online at a glance. The compiled data from time slot management can be summarized in conclusive reports and distributed.

  • Scalability

    With regard to functional attributes and volume structure the system is easily scalable. From a handful of trucks up to a hundred or thousand trucks a day, time slot management covers all requirements.The truck supply meets requirements according to multilingual capacity, time zone support and multi-client capability.

  • Integrable truck supply system

    Only with the integration of time slot management with the truck supply system on the delivery day to the loading point all potentials can be clearly seen.This integrated approach can be monitored already in the introduction or in a later expansion stage.


INFORM's time slot management offers a centralized communication platform with which the most varied logistical requirements can be depicted. INFORM's time slot management system paves the way to optimized truck handling and thereby saves time and costs.

  • Increased transparency and improved planning capability

  • Minimized waiting and throughput times, prevention of congestion

  • Safe production supply

  • Easier and efficient coordination for all those involved

  • Uniform utilization of loading resources / capacities

  • Predictive resources planning

  • Quicker processing at the plant gates, e.g. through paperless processes

  • Better utilization through the integration of empty container, pallets, returnable packaging

  • Reduced demurrage costs or cargo rates

  • Complete integration in a dynamic real-time truck supply system

SyncroSupply SaaS

Optimized Time Slot Management in Three Steps

SYNCROSUPPLY SaaS offers an intelligent time slot platform that can be incorporated into operations quickly, easily and flexibly.


  • Time slots can be allocated with dynamic, bookable delivery times,
  • Loading points and their opening times are managed centrally,
  • Resources planning at goods receipt and dispatch are managed,
  • The current situation in the plant is shown transparently,
  • Carriers are given current status information on the deliveries.

SYNCROSUPPLY SaaS is much more than a pure time slot booking platform and also offers real-time control at the location.

Test the Premium edition 30 days free of charge.
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Chemical logistics

Logistics Provider in the Chemical Park Manages the Time Slot Planning and Throughput of 700 Trucks per Day

The Höchst Industrial Estate in Frankfurt has a surface area of 460 hectares, 120 production plants, 800 laboratory and office buildings, 90 established multinational companies and approximately 22,000 employees in one of the largest production and research locations for chemicals and pharmaceuticals in Europe.

Infraserv Logistics GmbH, a specialized Chemicals Logistics Provider, is responsible for one of the greatest challenges imaginable;  the management of logistics in the Chemicals Park. The logistical tasks encompass the gate processes of all incoming and outgoing heavy goods traffic,  as well as a large part of the logistics on the industrial estate for established companies which extends from the port via a trimodal container terminal for trucks, ships and trains through to railway traffic on the estate.

The INFORM software acts as a basis for the truck scheduling and was already implemented in the first expansion stage. As such, the control of the trucks through the process is made easier with self-service check-ins as well as the processing and the integration of mobile end devices. An optimized time slot structure enables a better control of the trucks.

Building materials logistics

Optimized Loading Point Management in Building Materials Logistics

In building materials logistics trucks are subjected to few resources at the loading points such as personnel, product availability (storage capacity) and loading equipment. INFORM's software for building materials transport optimizes loading point management, both in preliminary planning and real time processing. When assigning time slots and during ongoing operations, it takes into account

  • The availability of personnel,
  • Product availability,
  • Loading technology and equipment capacity restrictions and
  • Product-related restrictions (e. g. product A may not be loaded at the same time as product B)

    When loading points are used more efficiently, users benefit from

    • Maximized real loading capacity,
    • Minimized waiting and throughput times for supplies (clinker, alternative fuels, derived fuels) and collections,
    • Bottleneck avoidance in the plant and congested roadways and entrances,
    • Optimal use of available products and storage capacity to ensure the best possible delivery capacity.


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