Geo Fencing for your truck deliveries via TruckRadar App


Manufacturers, distribution centers and shippers have to handle a few challenges for managing their approaching trucks trouble-free:

  • Trucks don't show up as planned
  • Unused loading bays and resources
  • Production problems caused by delayed supply

The TruckRadar App tracks the trucks at several distance points in the delivery process via geo fences while on their way to the destination.


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3 simple steps to Geo fencing

1. Define your location and geo fences on a map.

2. Determine actions for crossing specific geo fences (automatic email, calculate ETA).

3. Automated check-in and check-out processes of the trucks.

The SyncroSupply map view allows you to see all trucks heading to your site.


  • Better utilization of loading bays

  • Dynamic reaction on delayed supply

  • Elimination of paperwork and manual check-in processes

  • Reduced throughput times

Success Story


“The App allows us to exactly synchronize deliveries with our loading bays and loading resources. This dynamic synchronization eliminates truck waiting times, manual check-in efforts at the gate and production downtimes.”

(Logistics Director at German Car Manufacturer)


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