Yard Management

Distribution centers, post and parcel centers, automotive industry, and manufacturers share a common interest: improving the visibility and efficiency of their yards. INFORM's Agile Optimization Software provides a powerful yard management system (YMS) customized for each of these industry's unique requirements.

The yard management for your logistics

The digital world is evolving and business, in most respects is keeping pace. However, the yard environment in many distribution centers, post and parcel centers, automotive industry, and manufacturers remains a digital black hole of lost data and worst, cost. Being competitive means, companies have to streamline the management of their yard environment through innovative software solutions.

Capable of working as a standalone yard management system or within the broader IT framework, the yard management system can work in conjunction with existing warehouse management systems (WMS), enterprise resources planning (ERP) systems, and transportation management systems (TMS) to increase yard efficiency. With an enterprise deployment, the benefits are realized across all yards resulting in a collective improvement. A yard management system brings efficiency to the yard but delivers value well beyond.


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Yard Management System Features

Through a modern, intuitive interface, INFORM’s yard management system, SYNCROTESS, allows users to interact with either a virtual yard map or a classic table data format to visualize yard data and processes. Agile optimization algorithms propose and execute the best value decisions across all yard processes communicating these decisions in real-time to appropriate yard management resources.

  • Gate Management

    Operating of a manual gate, automatic gate, or self check-in is improved through process adherence, improved trailer inspections, and modern security seal tracking. The YMS replaces traditional manual gate processes using spreadsheets, logs, and disruptive phone calls with a digital gate-in/gate-out process.

  • Integrated Processing Center

    Advanced planning and management of workshop processes considering orders, parts, and available human resources by real-time tracking of activities.

  • Yard Resource Management

    Different yard types have different yard resources to manage assets within the yard. Whether managing shunting vehicles or something else, the system is configurable to allow for the optimized management of yard resources.

    Handheld devices receive current transport orders allowing staff to focus on the next task at hand. The real-time distribution of transport orders enables the system to improve yard resource efficiency.

  • Yard Visibility

    Knowing what assets are within the yard, and where, is a crucial step forward in accountability. Using a modern yard map interface, dispatchers can quickly locate assets with the click of a button.

    Through the real-time awareness of asset locations, as well as all planned moves, the visibility of assets in the yard is focused. A comprehensive inventory of on-site assets allows dispatchers to search for and locate assets easily.

  • Dock Door Management

    Dock information displays at each door and handheld devices keep staff informed, improve performance, and allow data to be feed back into the system from the floor. Subsequently, the collective knowledge is shared with key stakeholders allowing the system and dispatchers to make better decisions.

  • Real-time Content Awareness

    Through an awareness of an asset's content/status, the system is capable of making improved decisions that reinforce the optimization parameters. Time critical assets are prioritized, and content can be easily located within the yard.

  • Manual, Semi, or Full Automation

    The software is capable of running as a manual, semi, or fully automated system. When running manually, dispatches make all asset movement decisions.

    Semi-automation allows dispatchers to either approve system generated, optimized decisions or override them and make a manual asset movement decision.

    A fully automated system makes decisions on routine tasks. Fully automated systems free up experienced dispatchers to resolve complex planning decisions that fall outside of these conventional processes.

  • Automated Communication

    The system automatically allocates and manages the required transport orders to fulfill asset movement decisions. Upon allocation, the transport order is digitally transmitted to the best yard resource for execution.

    Manual or sensor feedback from the yard resource confirms the transport order is completed before assigning additional orders to the yard resource.

  • Full Integration

    The sum is greater than its parts; while the system fills the visibility gap that yards often create, operating it without integration to peripheral IT systems prevents greater efficiencies. The system can be integrated into your broader IT framework. Commonly, it is interfaced to warehouse management systems (WMS), enterprise resources planning (ERP) systems, transportation management systems (TMS), etc.

  • Enterprise Awareness

    The details of one yard enable efficient operations at a single facility. With enterprise awareness, the software applies the same logic to the entire network. Each yard benefits from the base functionality of the YMS while the real-time sharing of data enables an improved situational awareness across the network which leads to greater enterprise-wide efficiency.


INFORM’s YMS, SyncroTESS, enables the optimized organization of the yard and surrounding infrastructure, taking all relevant factors into account. The efficient and timely processing increases service quality while reducing costs.

  • Real-time Transparency

    Know where assets are as well as the status of yard equipment and external resources.

  • Improved Safety

    Remove staff from the yard and log and track damaged assets ensuring safety compliance.

  • Improved Quality

    The standardization and tracking of process and procedures drives quality.

  • Increased Utilization

    Optimization of yard storing positions and docks increases capacity without new infrastructure.

  • Reduced Costs

    Avoid unnecessary asset movements and improve yard resource efficiencies.

  • Automated Communications

    Immediate transmission of digital transport orders and event messages streamlines communication.

Distribution Centers

Distribution Center

Today, distribution and fulfillment centers compete on efficiency; every second counts. While significant investments inside the center to save seconds on every pick and package movement add up, these can't be sunk into a yard "black hole". Through the synchronized interaction between gate, rail, yard, and logistics center, SYNCROTESS enables the efficient, transparent, and optimized management of the yard environment.

Integration with peripheral systems allows yard improvements to flow-on into the logistics center and onto the road improving the efficiency of every package that passes through the facility

Post and Parcel Centers

Post and Parcel Center

INFORM’s intelligent yard management system optimizes the handling of load units in post and parcel centers and freight forwarder centers streamlining the movement of parcels. Through the synchronized interaction between gate, rail, yard, and logistics center, SyncroTESS enables the efficient, transparent, and optimized management of the yard environment.

Integration with peripheral systems allows yard improvements to flow-on into the logistics center and onto the road improving the efficiency of every parcel that passes through the facility. Using Smart Link, an interface to the centers sorting system, SyncroTESS can drive a new age of smart center efficiency and balance parcel throughput transforming yard management from efficient storage position and dock door management into a valuable system driving efficiency at the heart of any logistics center.

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Automotive Logistics

Automotive Logistics

Competitiveness in finished vehicle logistics is determined by efficiency, reasonable prices, and the highest quality. An intelligent yard management system allows for the best allocation of resources and simultaneously, the compliance with service level agreements.

The optimal planning of the limited storage and technical area space at vehicle yards improves operational efficiency and all vehicle movements. In addition, a comprehensive, flexible vehicle loading and unloading plan that can quickly adapt to unforeseen vehicle availability issues is created by the system. Moreover, an easy and flexible integration with partners can be enabled.

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Manufacturing Logistics

Manufacturing Logistics

Adherence to schedules is a crucial factor in manufacturing, as delays can be cost-intensive for producers. A secure production supply enables on-time production and delivery. Therefore, the supply of parts and materials to the factory floor should be synchronized with the manufacturing process.

The transport management system SYNCROTESS supports the centralized control and optimization of all logistics flows in the company. Additionally, the automated and transparent internal transports help reduce manual input, empty runs and throughput times.

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