Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)

APS systems help to solve complex planning problems. In machine and systems engineering, thousands of production orders - with several operational steps - often need to be distributed intelligently over a high number of resources. The classical approach to solving these problems normally does not factor in the information present in the ERP system and, therefore, does not correspond to the real conditions in production.


In addition to data-managing ERP systems, APS systems offer precise production control: 

  • planning in consideration of real, limited capacities
  • transparency across all production processes 
  • early detection and prevention of critical parts 
  • simulations for reliable decision-making.

This optimized planning approach enables cost-effective and economical production.


Solution FELIOS | APS Features

FELIOS | APS is designed for use in discrete manufacturing due to its special algorithmic processes. It is important to plan all customer orders, with all on-going production orders and deliveries dynamically as a collective order. Changes in capacities of personnel, machines and material availability are continuously taken into account.

  • Special optimization methods

    All parts and orders can be optimally coordinated and synchronized.

  • Scenario analyses

    Possible consequences for affected customer orders are openly displayed.

  • Online simulation

    Immediate impression of the feasibility of required delivery dates or project inquiries.

  • Excellent visualization

    All information on the planning situation is clearly and attractively presented.

  • Freely definable and user-specific search and filter functions

    Detailed and cross-departmental information on all aspects of the process workflow and planning status is readily available.

  • IT interfaces

    Straight-forward connection to all common PPS/ERP systems can usually be implemented quickly.

  • Material flow optimization

    A smooth and efficient material flow is guaranteed by the daily specification of a feasible, synchronized production process.

  • Multi-plant capability

    Possibility to optimize planning and procurement processes across several production sites and locations.


FELIOS | APS enables a quick realization of complex orders. Capacities are always planned intelligently with regard to all collective orders. FELIOS | APS offers the following advantages for your production:


    Optimized procurement management leads to lower stocks and fewer missing parts.

  • Identification of critical paths

    Automatic identification of the causes for postponements within the value chain, including suggestions for solutions.

  • High adherence to schedules

    Flexible reaction to customer changes and requests.

  • Need-based disposition

    Optimized material management for material supply and commissioning.

  • Shorter lead times

    Reduced lead times through dynamic scheduling processes.

  • Cost reduction

    Data-based recommendations for the reasonable use of outsourcing or overtime enables companies to reduce costs.

  • Early warning system

    Production problems can be immediately reported and corrected by means of real-time optimization.

Production in line with market demand

Production in line with market demand

Conventional ERP systems calculate with unlimited resources. FELIOS | APS, on the other hand, takes the real personnel and machine capacities into account. This market-synchronous production allows a network of operations to be generated based on current orders. Materials, parts and components can thus be procured according to demand and on schedule.

With this software solution for making intelligent decisions, companies with very individual production processes, such as single-item and small-batch production, can also create cross-departmental planning transparency and reliability.

Consulting - Focus on people

Consulting - Focus on people

Our consultants are here to help you to establish sustainable economic efficiency and adherence to schedules. Depending on the project scope and the depth of the process integration, the system can be established within 3-6 months in your company.

With a strong industry focus, you can benefit from our consulting and expertise in the effective design and optimization of:

  • Business processes and organization
  • Production processes and assembly
  • Procurement, purchasing and disposition
  • Key performance indicators and controlling 




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