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The goal of inventory optimization is to achieve an optimal balance between high item availability and low inventory levels. A classic ERP system often reaches its limits in this respect. INFORM has developed specialized add-on software for inventory management that uses AI-powered, high-performance forecasting and algorithms to help you improve your company's supply chain in a sustainable way.


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reduce procurement costs


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reduce procurement costs

More than

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experience in project support


ADD-On software for any ERP system

  • Save costs and avoid supply bottlenecks through effective inventory planning

    A well-stocked warehouse ensures high readiness to deliver but entails high logistics costs and tied capital. In contrast, a shortage of stock results in lower costs, but increases the risk of delivery bottlenecks and, thus, jeopardizes customer satisfaction.

    Reconciling low inventory levels with consistently high readiness to deliver is the task of effective inventory management. Whilst sounding simple, in practice it presents companies with major challenges:

    Inventory Management in Trade & Retail

    Wholesale companies face the challenge of responding ever faster to fluctuating demand. Customer service requirements and cost pressure are both on the rise.

    Therefore, to ensure sufficient availability while considering cost factors is a core function in technical trade, trade with consumer goods and in retail. Hence, it is essential to ensure an effective inventory management.

    Inventory optimization in manufacturing

    The most important goal of manufacturing companies is to achieve and maintain high readiness to deliver to the customer, combined with optimized lead times, storage, and resource utilization of production capacities.

    However, market-related sales fluctuations, supplier-related risks and a large production depth make efficient materials management more difficult. The assumption that high inventories guarantee for smooth production and a high level of delivery service is still widespread - but in times of increasing cost pressure, it is no longer a viable solution.


    Spare parts management is often referred to as the supreme discipline of logistics and plays a crucial role in successful after-sales service. The challenge here is to prevent expensive downtime, while keeping an eye on inventory costs. Sporadic demand for maintenance components that is difficult to predict represents an additional challenge.

  • Inventory management software for optimized SCM processes

    Classic ERP and merchandise planning and control systems with their conventional forecasting and scheduling functionalities are overburdened with these requirements. A specialized solution for inventory optimization ideally should support SCM processes through intelligent decisions made by high-performance artificial intelligence. Furthermore, it should be provided by a partner who understands your procurement and production processes.

    ADD*ONE from INFORM is the software for intelligent inventory management in trade and industry. It works on the basis of AI-supported, powerful forecast procedures and optimization algorithms. Connectivity with your existing setup is ensured by the smooth connection to SAP, e. g. R/3, SAP ECC, S/4HANA, Microsoft ERP systems (Navision, Dynamics NAV, D365 Business Central, Axapta, Dynamics AX, D365 Finance&Operations) or any ERP system.

  • Inventory management software with intuitive workflow

    Despite the complex requirements for inventory optimization software, ADD*ONE is intuitive to use. It can be deployed in your company without a long training period and the complicated procedures always remain in the background. This enables you to pursue the goal of a cost-efficient procurement strategy that flexibly adapts to market conditions while planning your inventory.

    To achieve this goal, this intuitive workflow has been established for the use of our solution:

    1. Connection & data transfer
      ADD*ONE is connected to your existing ERP system via an interface. It ensures the transfer of relevant data such as item master data, supplier information or movement data.
    2. Calculation
      On the basis of the transferred data, the inventory management software calculates forecasts for each item and optimizes AI-supported ordering processes.

    3. Monitoring purchase orders
      Suggestions for critical items, new orders, planned production orders, and matching order dates and times are provided in a user-friendly well-organized dashboard. These proposals are either executed automatically or can be overridden by planners at their discretion.



For over 20 years, INFORM has been providing companies with integrated solutions for supply chain planning. ADD*ONE optimizes 6 billion euros worth of warehouse stocks in intermediate and finished products every day, as well as 450 million euros in wholesale, spare parts and aftermarket—and the figures are continuously rising.


Find out in our success stories how well-known customers such as Abicor Binzel, Famo Wholesale, Voigt Pharma and Liebherr have optimized internal processes and effectively saved costs with our inventory management software. Our information material will give you further insights into the features and application possibilities of our solution for warehouse management.


Why is Inventory Optimization important?



We would be pleased to offer you an individual consultation about the possibilities of inventory optimization with ADD*ONE in your company. Project preparation workshops, installation support, competent staff training—our agile team of experienced consultants and software developers are at your disposal during each and every phase of your project.

Contact us now and arrange a personal meeting with one of our experts!




Inventory optimization Demand planning Simultaneous planning Procurement planning For the perfect balance between low inventories and high delivery readiness at optimal cost. Distribution planning Intuitive workflow and reliable decision suggestions. This way, the distribution of your goods works out by itself. Demand planning Well-planned is half won! Grow dynamically instead of running behind. Plan today what you will sell tomorrow. Budget planning A sense of proportion is good, reliable demand forecasts are better! For comprehensive definition, analysis and management of different budget variants. Production planning Always a step ahead. Waste no more time and deliver on time. Trade Industry After-sales Production
After-Sales Trade Production Industry ADD*ONE Suite Supply Chain Management process optimization

ADD*ONE Supply Chain Management

Procurement planning

For the perfect balance between
low inventories and high delivery
readiness at optimal cost.


Distribution planning:

Intuitive workflow and reliable decision
suggestions. This way, the distribution
of your goods works out by itself.

Demand planning

Well-planned is half won!
Grow dynamically instead of running
behind. Plan today, what youwill sell


Budget planning

A sense of proportion is good, reliable
demand forecasts are better!

For comprehensive definition, analysis and
management of different budget variants.

Production planning

Always a step ahead.
Waste no more time and
deliver on time.



Abicor Binzel

Success Story – ABICOR BINZEL

Alexander Binzel Schweißtechnik GmbH and Co. KG under the umbrella brand ABICOR Binzel is a leading international specialist and technology developer for welding and cutting technology.

  • 35 subsidiaries
  • 10 various ERPs in use
  • Around 30,000 items in the inventory management
  • 20% stock reduction
  • Increased service level
  • Enhanced productivity from 20-30% per planner
"It has been shown that the very extensive selection process on our part has brought the desired result, and that with ADD*ONE Inventory Optimizer we have chosen the right software from the right partner."

Jens Nebeling, Head of Central Dispatching

Famo Wholesale

Success Story – FAMO Wholesale

Specialist wholesaler for electrical, plumbing and steel supplies.

  • 8,300 daily deliveries
  • 2 central warehouses
  • 22 FAMO subsidiaries
  • Around 30,000 items in the inventory management
  • More transparency over the entire inventory
  • Planning and inventory management at item level
  • 20% reduction of goods receipt with constant availability
"ADD*ONE is not just a planning software, but an expert solution for operational and strategic inventory management."

Carsten Kunad, Head of Planning at FAMO GmbH & Co. KG

Voigt Pharma

Success Story – Voigt Pharma Wholesale

  • Delivery of over 40,000 pharmaceuticals, medical and wellness products within just 2 hours, plus 30,000 items in planning management
  • Greater demand for constant availability of all products
  • Industry specifics, such as sell-by dates and seasonal sales fluctuations
  • No sufficient support in order optimization and demand forecasting in the SAP system
  • Reduction of the planning effort by more than 60%
  • 25% more inventory turnover with constant availability
  • Reduction in expenses due to 29% fewer order lines and goods receipts
  • Quality improvement in material procurement
  • Transformation of the planning task to a purely technical activity
"INFORM is a coach for us in this project. Confidence-building measures and the comparison of the system's ordering processes with the expert knowledge of our planners were important steps in implementing. INFORM strongly supported the replacement of the planning process in SAP with appropriate consulting."


Dietmar Stock, Head of Procurement and Logistics at Voigt AG


Success Story - Liebherr MCCtec GmbH

Manufacturer of maritime cranes, handling equipment, rope dredgers, crawler cranes and deep foundation machines.


The biggest challenge is the extreme ABC distribution: there are very many C-items and, in proportion, very few and large A-items. For MRP planning, this is a special case and does not correspond to a classic curve from the textbook.

  • Planning effort reduced by 50%
  • Inventory reduced by approximately 10%
  • Service level for production and spare parts greatly improved
  • Liquidity significantly increased
"After a proof-of-concept in the warehouse in Nenzing, the results we achieved with ADD*ONE simply convinced me. By using an ERP system alone, the scheduler often lacks transparency and clarity. Thanks to ADD*ONE, we now have all planning-relevant information displayed graphically at a glance and the effort required for scheduling has been significantly reduced."

Norbert Bitschi, Warehouse Manager Liebherr - Plant Nenzing GmbH


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