Internal Logistics

Given its superior efficiency, internal logistics in the automobile industry set an example for other sectors. OEMs, suppliers and logistics experts work together to guarantee the smooth material flow into the production process. A single container of parts arriving late, or at the wrong cycle, can bring the production line process to a standstill. Automobile manufacturers and suppliers require an intelligent internal logistics software solution to overcome these challenges.

Efficient Factory Logistics

Thousands of daily transport orders ensure the supply of the assembly line. Optimization software assures the efficient and timely execution of all these transport movements. Using INFORM´s intelligent in-house solution, material flows and internal transports secure an optimized delivery of supplies for production.

The intralogistics software solution SYNCROTESS is a comprehensive tool for planning and the real-time control of transport processes. Thus, material flows can be managed, implemented and made transparent.


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Solution SyncroTESS Features

INFORM offers comprehensive solutions for internal logistics in the automotive industry. The internal logistics software can be adapted to different logistics and production approaches. Transparency in the material flow and the optimum utilization of resources play a leading role.

  • A transport management system controlling all resources

    Employees, as well as all active and passive resources, can be managed using one system: forklift trucks, tractors or special devices, and all kinds of passive transport accessories (e.g. trailers, swap bodies, containers, racks).

  • Intelligent real-time optimization

    Real-time optimization of all resources for the execution of internal logistical processes as well as automated assignment of work and move orders. Instead of considering all individuals resources isolated, the internal logistics software system generates a solution by simultaneously taking into account all occurrences. The results are assigned as new orders to the drivers and automated guided vehicles.

  • Management of multi-stage transport

    Various delivery concepts can be modelled. A distinction is made between one-stage delivery concepts such as JIT and JIS and multistage delivery concepts with the use of supermarkets or cross-docks. The software system allows the internal logistics planner to easily configure such delivery concepts and the system assures that such concepts are executed in reality.

  • Online material tracking

    Real-time information on the current positions of parts and material by collecting status and position updates from scanners, RFID etc.

  • Comprehensive performance measurement

    Online KPI's, comprehensive reporting and historical information at the touch of a button.


An optimum production process in the automobile industry requires an equally optimal internal logistics process. It plays a decisive role in both quality and cost efficiency.

  • Material flow in sync with production

    Close link between material flow and production control.

  • Increased effectiveness

    Provenly saves more than 10% on inhouse transport budget.

  • High degree of transparency

    Tracking and tracing of material and all transport movements.

  • Online KPIs

    Key performance measurements offer transparency for logistics management.

  • Reduced stock storage

    The increased timeliness and efficiency allows further improvements regarding stock or area optimization.

Topics of interest

An automobile manufacturer controls vast material flows for the internal supply of production using INFORM software

One of the largest German automobile plants has been using INFORM software for over two decades. The system is absolutely essential for internal logistics. When it was introduced, process safety increased and 100% material tracking was achieved. Online material tracking is of particular importance for this automobile manufacturer given that each vehicle is built according to the customer's requirements. Because of the numerous design variants, part consumption is correspondingly complex and must be coordinated precisely with the production process. Therefore, the management and coordination of the material flows is absolutely essential to ensure that the right parts are always waiting at the right place on the assembly line at the right time.

Complex optimization algorithms secure that up to 150,000 individual transport steps are scheduled and controlled per day. This should prevent empty trips and guarantee that all production areas are supplied on time. Furthermore, the data provided by the software allows the internal logistics processes to be monitored more quickly and precisely. Thus, the automobile manufacturer's internal logistics processes are prepared to handle future challenges.


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