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Construction site logistics needs a flexible software solution

A construction site is like an anthill: it is constantly changing and there is movement everywhere. Where bulk material was unloaded yesterday, a foundation is poured today. In this dynamic environment you, the Construction Site Logistics Manager, coordinate man and machine in a very confined space. Existing resources such as cranes, concrete pumps or lifts must be used optimally so that the building materials delivered reach the workers on time.

High demand for building materials increases risk of congestion

Building materials are always in demand on a construction site. Just as ants bring food and materials to their colony, dozens of trucks arrive every day, to

  • deliver building materials
  • load and dispose of construction waste
  • deliver concrete, time-critical to a casting framework

Under no circumstances should inbound traffic congest in front of the construction site, nor on the site itself. This is true, especially for inner-city locations.


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Logistics under control with SYNCROSUPPLY for construction sites

Supply without Congestion

Inbound trucks are scheduled in a timetable. Each inbound truck is booked into a fixed time slot.

Queues in front of cranes, lifts and pumps are prevented. These resources are assigned in advance to inbound trucks.

Dynamic Scheduling

No timetable can resist reality for long: in the event of delays and critical deliveries, time slots must be rescheduled.

Our software continuously and automatically adjusts truck dispatches according to circumstances.

Increased Site Safety

For (un)loading, trucks are optimally guided through the construction site, to minimise throughput times.

With workers and construction machinery, there is already a lot of traffic and every vehicle less increases site safety.

Features of our software

  • Time slot management

    schedules inbound traffic and avoids congestion.

  • Truck supply system

    In case of delays or manual override, the schedule is continuously and automatically adjusted.

  • Resource management

    Cranes, lifts and pumps are assigned to inbound trucks and reserved until arrival.

  • Mobile communication app

    Truck drivers receive instructions via an app as to where and when they should go. The drivers confirm status changes.

  • Customisable checklists usable for CLOCS / FORS

    Check trucks at the gate. The result of the inspection is documented.

  • Interfaces

    Our software offers interfaces that can be connected to ERP or Building Information Management Systems.

  • Tracking of carbon dioxide emissions

    Each truck type can be assigned an emission quantity and the emissions are calculated automatically.

Maximum flexibility under dynamic conditions

SYNCROSUPPLY scales very well and is perfectly suited for the ever-changing circumstances on construction sites.

  • Whether 10 or over 500 daily inbound trucks – our software will handle it.
  • SYNCROSUPPY can also be used at several construction sites using tenants in one installation.
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SYNCROSUPPLY editions for construction site logistics


  • Time slot management
  • Truck supply control
  • Management of resources on site
  • Data analysis
  • Real-time control on construction site
  • Archives all data for 3 years


  • up to 500 tours ⇒249 €
  • up to 1000 tours ⇒599 €
  • up to 1500 tours ⇒999 €
  • up to 2000 tours ⇒1,399 €
  • more than 2000 tours ⇒ please contact us

all figures per month


  • Time slot management
  • Truck supply control
  • Management of resources on site
  • Data analysis
  • Real-time control on construction site
  • Archives all data for 5 years
  • Self-check-in and check-out
  • individual checklists for CLOCS / FORS
  • Online optimisation


  • up to 500 tours ⇒379 €
  • up to 1000 tours ⇒899 €
  • up to 1500 tours ⇒1,499 €
  • up to 2000 tours ⇒2,099 €
  • more than 2000 tours ⇒ please contact us

all figures per month


How can we serve?

Both editions are available as

  • Software-as-a-Service – easy and secure: we take care of hosting and operation
  • On-premise – maximum control: use your existing infrastructure or hosting

SYNCROSUPPLY has passed the acid test

Image of title page of the success story

Renewal project in the heart of London: Battersea Power Station

SYNCROSUPPLY was successfully implemented into one of the largest urban renewal projects in Europe. Battersea Power Station is located directly on the Thames in the heart of London. Read in the success story how the operators manage to achieve optimal logistics without traffic jams in the city centre.

Duncan Pickard, Head of Programme Management and Delivery at Battersea Power Station Development Company, said: “The INFORM system was selected for its ability to transcend construction deliverables into an operating campus, and is now being utilised to complete the programme of works [...]"

Read the Battersea Power Station Success-Story

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What you can expect from us

1. Consulting

INFORM 1. Consulting

Consulting – it starts with a conversation

  • We will talk about your challenges and special circumstances at the site
  • We will find out how good our solution matches your requirements
  • You will get a live presentation of our SYNCROSUPPLY system
  • You can test SYNCROSUPPPLY under realistic conditions for 30 days at no charge.

2. Quote

INFORM 2. Quote

Quote - you decide based on a detailed service proposal

  • We will go into detail and consider your individual requirements
  • You will receive a detailed quotation
  • You review our quotation and we will be happy to answer any of your questions

3. Implementation

INFORM 3. Implementation

Implementation - we are with you throughout the project and during the rollout

  • We are happy that you selected us and will install all essential systems
  • We will guide you through the system setup and entering your master data
  • We will assist you during the system launch and support the users

4. Support

INFORM 4. Support

Support – we are there for you

  • Our support team is available for your questions
  • We will keep you informed about new software features and necessary updates
  • As a partner, we are open to ideas and suggestions
  • 1. Consulting
  • 2. Quote
  • 3. Implementation
  • 4. Support

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