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It is becoming increasingly difficult to manually manage market demand due to the growing number of requirements on the sales planning process. Planning information is often piled into countless Excel files that are independently edited by each planning department. Creating a  cohesive and transparent demand plan while considering market development is growing in importance.


Efficient demand planning is crucial for strategic company placement within the market. As a fundamental part of the supply chain, demand planning must be integrated in all business processes and has to create an efficient information flow between the management board and company divisions.

Volatile global markets, which feature increasingly high product variety and steadily decreasing product life-cycles, add to the complexity of the demand planning process. As a result, companies need a comprehensive planning tool which can be used by managers to make the right strategic decisions based on well-established forecasts and relevant planning figures.


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ADD*ONE Demand Planner
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Solution ADD*ONE Features

ADD*ONE Demand Planner provides powerful functionalities to support managers and all planning departments with better, low-risk demand planning decisions. Top features include:

  • Multidimensional planning

    ADD*ONE Demand Planner supports your company's planning process in several dimensions at various levels, such as product groups, regions and individual customers. ADD*ONE users can plan and analyze their figures at the levels which are most important to their planning routine.

  • Alert functions

    Easy-to-configure alerts indicate inconsistencies and deviations from the demand plan, which need revising. Hence, plans become more efficient and precise.

  • Graphical representation and planning

    ADD*ONE Demand Planner works using many visual elements: clearly structured charts and diagrams enable a quick and easy analysis of the plan and help users make effective decisions in a timely manner.

  • Simulation options

    Powerful simulation procedures of "if-then" scenarios are a standard feature of the system. Use them to test the plan's stability or learn about effects of alternative strategic scenarios.

  • Plan anytime anywhere

    The system is constructed in such a way that you can enter values into it wherever you are, using an internet connection. You can always view the sales plan and alter it at any time.

  • Analyze sales promotions

    Sales promotions can have a major impact on demand. ADD*ONE Demand Planner provides comprehensive features to plan sales promotions. You can maintain various promotions and analyze their impact on the product demand.


ADD*ONE Demand Planner is scalable and modular, and supports planning decisions both in medium-sized companies and large enterprises. Top benefits associated with implementing the system include:

  • Optimized planning quality

    Planning quality is improved by creating cross-company planning transparency and pooling knowledge

  • Reduced planning effort

    Planning effort reduced by up to 90%, due to the self-adapting forecasting function

  • Improved service level

    Higher product availability, optimized inventory levels and low capital tie-up

  • High transparency

    A single sales plan for the entire company

  • Lower inventory levels

    Well-founded demand planning results in higher planning security within inventory management and thus lowers inventory levels.

Managing Board

Act, don't React

So goes the motto of successful entrepreneurs who seize opportunities for growth. However, vision and gut instinct are rarely sufficient when tapping into new markets or setting new standards with revolutionary products. Reliable forecasts based on powerful mathematical algorithms provide the much needed "hard facts."

ADD*ONE successfully synchronizes all planning processes where conventional ERP systems would have to reach beyond their means. With ADD*ONE, you can quickly react to unforeseen market developments and always maintain control. add*ONE aides companies in strengthening their planning security and quality, as well as their cross-company planning visibility - an essential prerequisite for lasting success.

Purchasing Managers

Demand-oriented procurement

The procurement and purchasing teams are responsible for ordering and maintaining the appropriate quantity of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products. A smooth production process ensures that customer orders can be fulfilled. The trick is to order the right number of item pieces in good time, as a high level of stock ties up both capital and storage space. An insufficient inventory level, on the other hand, leads to production delays and consequently delivery bottlenecks, thus jeopardizing item availability.

ADD*ONE Demand Planner calculates reliable demand forecasts, enabling a glimpse into the future. This provides the procurement team with sufficient information to assess the demand situation as well as the time needed for replenishment.

Production Managers

A secure planning basis

Long-term planning is an essential factor for an efficient production process. Capacity planning cannot begin until the production quantity is established. Sometimes it can take several weeks before the appropriate production quantity is known. Short-term highly prioritized orders can disturb the balance of existing plans on a regular basis and can require a great deal of additional effort. If a company wants to maintain its reaction capability in such cases, it needs an intelligent software system.

ADD*ONE Demand Planner provides the production department with valuable information regarding capacity planning using clear forecast overviews. All market-relevant information from the management board and company divisions is consolidated into one valid plan by ADD*ONE.

Marketing and Sales

Planning tomorrow's trends today

The many years of experience obtained by the marketing and sales teams are of great importance to the demand planning process. In many cases, gut instinct can dictate the right moves to make when it comes to planning the future demand of a product. When considering larger investments and wide product ranges, however, a scientifically grounded forecast report provides much needed security. This is how ADD*ONE Demand Planner works.

The intelligent add-on system supports your strategic decision making, providing you with planning figures based on historical data and past experiences. This data is then further refined by means of your market knowledge and input, and thus produces a realistic glimpse into the future.


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